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An EPICAPTCHA is a new and modern version of the CAPTCHA that adds a sleek and innovative look to websites, making security a cool and effective addition to your contact forms. Ok, we will stop beating around the bush; to put it simply it's all in the name… EPIC-CAPTCHA!

How it works

An EPICAPTCHA is implemented for the same reason as an original CAPTCHA, it differs however in that it is more user friendly and can be creatively customized to compliment your website. The use of an EPICAPTCHA simply entails you sliding your mouse from left to right over a selected field, no clicking or typing required!


Ever battle to read the scrambled words of a basic CAPTCHA? Or have you had to enter a word again and again only for it to tell you that ‘an error’ has occurred? This can be quite off-putting and can deter users from connecting with you. So use an EPICAPTCHA, it’s fast and easy to use, impressive and your security is guaranteed!

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