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The In's and Out's of the Epicaptcha!

How the API for EpiCaptcha Works


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width: 179,

Width of your EpiCaptcha in px.

mobile: 0,

(set to 1) to test on a computer what the EpiCaptcha looks like on a moblie.

successMessage: "Thank you! Your message has been sent!",

This is the message you get once the EpiCaptcha has been completed.

startMessage: "Move your mouse cursor through the bar above from left to right",

This is the start message, before you have moved your mouse through the EpiCaptcha.

startMessageMobile: "Touch each circle from left to right to unlock",

This is the start message for a mobile device. The Mobile EpiCaptcha is a bit different and need a different message to the normal EpiCaptcha.

errorMessage: "MOVE your CURSOR through the bar above from LEFT to RIGHT",

This message shows if the user is not doing the EpiCaptcha correctly.

limitMessage: "You can only submit this form once",

This message tells the user how many times they can submit the form, in this case the form can only be submitted once.

completeMessage: "Got it!",

Message that shows once the EpiCaptcha is complete.

notCompleteMessage: "Please complete the security check first.",

This message shows if the user tries to submit the form without completing the EpiCaptcha first.

halfwayMessage: "Half Way, keep going...",

Shows when you have moved your mouse halfway through the EpiCaptcha.

threeQuarterMessage: "Almost there...",

Shows when you have moved your mouse three Quarters of the way through the EpiCaptcha.

theme: "lightblue",

This is where you can select the theme for your EpiCaptcha, you can select one of the themes listed next to the setting "theme:". The current themes are "default,fancy,greyscale,lightblue,tribal,basic,bluebar and lightblue". More themes are currently in production. If you would like a custom theme made, you can contact us and we will design it for you for a small fee.

fontColour: "#555",

This is the colour of the basic text such as the start message or halway message etc. The colour is in Hex values.

errorColour: #cc0000",

This is the colour for the error message, Hex values

successColour: "#006898",

This is the colour for the success message, Hex values

submitUrl: "EpiCaptcha/epicaptcha.php",

The page you are taken to once the EpiCaptcha is completed and you click submit.

theFormID: "contact-form",

Your form must have this ID for the EpiCaptcha to work.

buttonID: "btnEpi",

Your submit button must have this ID for the EpiCaptcha to work.

debug: false

Your options are true or false. If you change this to true it enables system logging.

Please note that for the advanced tutorial you need to download the EpiCaptcha and open the php file called "ReadMe".

Not sure how to embed the EpiCaptcha? CLICK HERE

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